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We have a family tradition of creating just the right sauce to compliment our steaks and after years of perfecting and tweaking it, we have finally created the perfect blend of saucy, spicy, and sweet that leaves our guests wanting just one more bite.

Realizing the effects of our sauciness, we bottled our sauce so that our guests can have that same taste at home whenever they would like…and now you can order it online! If you are too far away to get into the restaurant and want a bottle, you can just order it.

Our fat-free sauce is so versatile that you don’t have to limit it to just steak; it also pairs well with clam, shrimp, scallops and even chicken. Happy Cooking!

Each Bottle of Steak Sauce is $5.95
Shipping is $7.95 **

** Shipping will increase with the number of bottles ordered.