aboutUs_featIMG About Us

Quality. Service. Cleanliness.

This is Scranton’s Finest Steak Dining Establishment

Looking for an approachable fine dining decor beyond the casual pub look? Join us at Carl Von Luger.

Carl Von Luger’s “Age Old Family Tradition” stems from restaurateur and owner Robert Dickert’s connection to the Luger tradition, as he named the restaurant in his father Carl’s honor. Carl was Peter Luger’s (of Peter Luger’s Steak House fame) nephew and ran the steakhouse location in Long Island. As Robert worked in the steakhouse at a young age, those early days formed his work ethic and vision for Carl Von Luger as it stands now.

“Those early days at Peter Luger formed my ‘rules’ for a successful restaurant: quality, service, and cleanliness. Our servers crumb the table, refold napkins, and change the silverware throughout the meal. A lot of white tablecloth restaurants don’t do that anymore.” – Robert Dickert, Owner

These ideals, an expanded steak and seafood menu, and the vibrant art deco atmosphere give guests the true Carl Von Luger Steak and Seafood trifecta, an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of beautiful, historic downtown Scranton.