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October 3rd, 2012 by Von Luger

An appetizer which is ordered quite often at Carl von Luger’s is the Coconut Shrimp – now the recipe is yours!!

Recipe for two portions

6 ea shrimp, peeled, deveined and butterflied
Flour for dredging shrimp
Oil for frying heated to 325 F

Tempura batter
1 c flour
1 1/2 c. Club soda
1t. Salt
1t. Baking powder
1/2 t. Old bay

1c. Sweetened coconut flake

Mango chutney
1ea Major Grey Mango chutney jar
1ea Fresh Mango diced
1/2t Black Pepper
1/2c Orange Juice
1/2t. Salt

Start the recipe by heating the oil in a small pot to 325 Fahrenheit over medium heat using a thermometer to maintain a constant temperature.

Add the mango chutney to a small pot with the other ingredients and bri ng to a light simmer over medium heat. Reduce the sauce until proper consistency is reached, about fifteen minutes over medium low heat. Set aside to cool to room temperature keeping in mind that the sauce will thicken itself as it cools.

While the sauce is reducing combine all the ingredients for the tempura batter in a small mixing bowl and combine together with a wire whisk until just smooth. Set aside until sauce and oil for frying are ready.

When all components are ready arrange flour, tempura batter and coconut flake in a 1-2-3 breaking procedure set-up. Dredge the shrimp first in flour, shaking off excess back to remaining flour. Then grab shrimp by the tail and dunk in to tempura batter until well coat. Lift from batter and allow excess batter to run off. Then take floured and battered shrimp and place in to the sweetened coconut flake and lightly pat into the flake. Once well coated, set aside until all shrimp are breaded in the same manner.

Once all the shrimp have been breaded in coconut, place carefully in the hot oil and cook until golden brown flipping and rotating from time to time, about four to five minutes. While the shrimp are cooking, on your favorite appetizer plates place three small spoonfuls of mango chutney on each of the plates for the shrimp to be placed on.

When the shrimp are beautiful golden brown, remove from the hot oil and drain on to paper towels. Then place them on the small pools of mango chutney and garnish with fresh chives or chopped parsley and enjoy!!!

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